Conference Unit

The shahrjob Group Conference Unit was established in 2018 to promote the culture of education and to provide managers and those interested in world-class specialized and key sciences with particularly interesting discussions and topics in management science.

واحد برگزاري همايش ها و کارگاه های تخصصی گروه شهرجاب، با انجام هماهنگی های لازم اساتید بسیار شناخته شده کشور، اساتید دانشگاه ، سخنرانان برجسته، نویسندگان ، مشاوران و مدیران شرکت ها را دعوت و با جلب رضایت شرکت کنندگان ، همایش های بزرگ و کارگاه های عملي موثری را با توجه به نياز های علمی کشور از سال 96 برگزار نمود و به لطف خداوند در سال های بعدی نیز به ماموریت خود با دقت و صحت بیشتر ادامه خواهد داد.

واحد همایش

از جمله خدمات قابل ارائه در بخش برگزاری همايش و کارگاه تخصی علمی گروه همایش شهرجاب می توان به امور ذيل اشاره نمود :

  • Specialized advice on how to run the conference
  • Design and planning of all executive services
  • مدرس و سخنران در زمینه های درخواستی شما
  • Artistic Management of Media and Information Services
  • Market research and consulting related marketing practices at the conference
  • Seminar Executive Management and Secretariat Establishment
  • Providing the necessary staff and assigning several operators to correspond with guests
  • Establishment of multiple committees in the Secretariat and the assignment of tasks
  • Formation of project planning and control committee
  • Formation of the Executive Committee on Formalities, Discipline, and Administrative
  • Establishment of Secretariat and Information Committee
  • Formation of Marketing Research Committee Conference
  • Determine the venue for the conference and the contract
  • Designing and preparing a draft invitation form for guests
  • Identify new audiences and guests
  • Coordination with the market research team
  • Create a Showroom to provide products and services
  • Ceremonial planning
  • Providing training and donation package
  • عقد قرارداد جهت پذیرایی و نیروی خدماتی
  • SMS notification to guests
  • Final organization of guest list and ID card issuance
  • Creating daily schedules of teaching hours, headings, reception, lunch, workshop
  • Planning and formulating a conference information strategy (before, during and after the conference)
  • Shooting with three cameras with assembly
  • Digital Photography
  • Decor and flower decoration
  • Prepare a promotional teaser for the broadcast of the event with the sound of country speakers
  • Providing plots, banners and posters for the conference
  • Organizing exhibition booths
  • Sending Invitations to Invitees (Depending on how invitations are sent by fax, courier, post, E-mail…
  • Providing promotional commemorative gifts to guests
  • Catering
  • Providing news coverage of the conference
  • Providing the necessary information (press releases and radio and the use of cyberspace)
  • Identifying foreign professors in various fields and conducting all negotiations and correspondence and signing contracts with them for teaching at the conference in question
  • Website of the conference
  • Granting internationally and internationally accredited certifications for a variety of conferences and workshops
  • و ...
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